Introducing Farah Quinn by KMO Paris

a Jewellery line designed by Indonesian Icon Farah Quinn

Representing everything it means to be a modern, elegant, Indonesian woman, Farah Quinn has taken on the challenge of pouring her heart into designing a line of jewellery that speaks to her and her audience.

With a deep connection to the island she calls home, Farah Quinn is an Indonesian icon that lives and breathes the values of her rich Sumatran culture. As a woman who exudes elegance and has immense passion behind everything that she does, Farah started on this creative journey with an aim to create a line of jewellery that is very unique and personal.

In collaboration with KMO Paris, she believed that they could collectively create a collection that paid homage to her heritage, articulated her style and resonated with her audience.

It is with this intent that Farah Quinn by KMO Paris, have created two stunning and distinct collections of jewellery. A reflection of her Sumatran roots, each collection, every design, shares a piece of her heart with wearer.

Our premium line brings a modern twist to classic look. With the Sumatran Rafflesia Arnoldii flower at the center of our design, each piece transforms the iconic flower into a delicate work of art. Available in stunning gold and silver colors, and encrusted with pearls and rubies, this collection is a true representation of Farah Quinn and her connection to her roots.

Our high-end line truly embodies Farah in a more decadent and refined way. Inspired by the traditional, intricate Songket pattern, these exquisite pieces reflect the rich culture of Sumatra. Printed with the delicate Songket pattern, this collection pairs the heritage of Indonesia with a modern and elegant style.